Yeah you read that title correctly and no it’s not a typo. OMDb that’s right. And for reasons unbeknownst to the differing names (maybe it’s not managed IMDb), it is indeed an API that uses information from IMDB, the movies/tv shows database that many people use.

Using the API was pretty much painless, it jsut required a registration at their website:

Signing up only requires your life and soul but virtually harmless. After following their procedure you will be provided with an Api key. Please note that this api key has a limit of 1000 daily uses. If that…

I think the title makes it sound like an amazing and arduous task. If it did for you, I assure you it was not. Since graduating from a coding bootcamp, there was one thing that was often mentioned to do as soon as possible. To have a platform to showcase your work. The extra displaying your drive and contact info was a definite bonus.

At first I considered creating one from scratch and was half way into making one like so but while drawing up a blank or just being indecisive on how I wanted it to look, I googled…

As a junior dev localhost is the bread and butter to testing webapps but then comes the time to start showing off our work online, we need something more. That is where hosting websites come in and I have chosen Firebase as my first platform to host my portfolio with.

To start, you will need a Google account. As a developer in the modern age, I’d assume you’d have one and even if you don’t it’s free and easy to obtain. Next you would need Node,js installed. Another piece of free software that you can get at

Now with…

As a Reactjs full stack developer, I’ve made my decent share of back-end databases. However sometimes I just want to work on the front end so I use a nifty npm package called db-json. Assuming you already have npm already installed, it all starts with entering this into your terminal.

npm i db-json

After allowing this to download create a new file called “db.json” in the project folder. At this point you would enter information into this file like you’d expect to see on an API.

Which would equate to:

Since starting to code a earlier this year, test driven development has been a constant method I’ve used. Compared to traditional styles of development, I find test driven development is particularly useful in maintainability. Being able to change pieces of code without risk of adversely affecting other parts of the app has been incredibly helpful.

The process has been quite simple: First you conceive and write a test. Could be a function or a change to an existing function. Next you test the new additions with the rest of the code to check if it works. If the test passes…

So just like everyone else, I’ve been stuck at home a lot because of Covid. And like many, I have found entertainment in the form of online content creators or streamers. These past eight months I have had streamers playing games, either running in the background or straight up actively watching them. Recently one game seems to be played particularly often and it’s called “Among Us”. A multiplayer game based around lying to and killing your fellows, heavy emphasis on the lying part. …

Like many I use Youtube for entertainment, from music to videos to sometimes movies. There is one feature that I love to use and that is their Playlist feature, the ability to continuously play music either actively watching or just something in the background. However there is the ever dreaded message:

I don’t know how many people hate this as much as I do but it really breaks my vibe when the music stops for essentially no reason. So what’s someone supposed to do about that? Might be a bit drastic but I decided to make my own playlist web…

React Player is a very flexible player that I’ve been using in my ReactJs apps. Depending on how you use it, it can play a variety of different media from a multitude of different websites, such as Youtube, Vimeo, Facebook and Soundcloud.

For starters you will need to enter“npm install react-player” or “yarn add react-player” in your terminal of the React app you are making. Upon completion of the download, you will then need to import it, like so:

To then use the import of React Player you would use <ReactPlayer url=’ ’> within the render section. …

I Youtube a lot, so it comes to no surprise that since learning to code I want to play around with Youtube in my Apps. This is how I went about doing so.

First I when to this website and signed up with a google account as necessary.

After signing in, go to the “Credentials” on the left

Then click “Create Credentials” and then “API Key”.

With recent dives into javascript and reactjs, I’ve spent some time looking at extensions. And that is because they are so very useful when I worked with ruby and my last extension dealing with snippets was so helpful, I decided to do another deep dive for another. Thus I came across “Prettier”.

Prettier is an extension that is called an “opinionated code formatter” which has some useful defaults to ensure similar formatting with your code. And when dealing with lines after lines of code it is fairly easy to lose track of that random div or curly bracket.

so there can be a mess like this

John Zhang

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