Journey to Display my Work

John Zhang
3 min readJan 13, 2021


I think the title makes it sound like an amazing and arduous task. If it did for you, I assure you it was not. Since graduating from a coding bootcamp, there was one thing that was often mentioned to do as soon as possible. To have a platform to showcase your work. The extra displaying your drive and contact info was a definite bonus.

At first I considered creating one from scratch and was half way into making one like so but while drawing up a blank or just being indecisive on how I wanted it to look, I googled some templates for inspiration.

And boy were there examples, so many good ideas that the sloth in me said “Yeah, using a template for sure”.

At first I thought I’d be able to use any javascript template and translate it into reactjs since there were a lot of really nice ones. But the complex quirks different authors of these templates quickly had me specifying my google search to:

And of course the results were plentiful. Naturally there were many with a price tag but being freshly out of a coding bootcamp, being frugal was on my mind. Eventually I came across a unique github.

This template was designed extremely well making everything made incredibly easy to customize to personal preferences. And it was not long to make my own.

Then it was the final step, hosting it for others to see. I didn’t do much research in this because I was quickly recommended Firebase and showed an example from a fellow graduate on how intuitive and simple hosting on Firebase was. If you’d like to see my experience with hosting first time on Firebase, please refer to my last medium article:

So on an ending note, great thanks to Tim Baker for his great template. And when I make another portfolio in the future, I will definitely use his template structure as reference.

Oh yeah, on the end of the ending note, if it interests you, please take a look at my new portfolio :)